Cannabis + Chocolate = Best of Both Worlds

If you ask most people, many will say that eating chocolate is one of their favorite guilty pleasures. While people readily claim chocolate as a favorite, fewer people are quick to admit that consuming cannabis is another go-to past time.

Why is consuming cannabis and chocolate so similar in experience? As Leafly explains, “The effects of eating chocolate are in many ways chemically similar to the effects of consuming cannabis. Cacao beans even produce a kind of cannabinoid of their own – anandamide – which binds to the same receptors as THC in the brain, and mimics the pleasant feelings that cannabinoids catalyze.”

How to Pair Cannabis and Chocolate

How do you pair cannabis strains with chocolate? First, know the basics of chocolate tasting. Secondly, know your cannabis strains. Terpenes are responsible for the variety of flavor palates that weed takes on, so pinpointing strains based on their unique flavors is the way to get started.

For a strain that will give you the best of both worlds, check out Chocolope!

Read more about pairing cannabis and chocolate here on Leafly.

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Photo: Unsplash

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