Deep Blue Hash’d

A creative and energetic Indica-dominant hybrid

Blue Hash was a delightful new strain picked from Pullman’s pot shop, We’re Just Buds. One of several new growers introduced to Eastern Washington by the awesome pot shops (go check them out if you’re in town!); we found it to be euphoric, happy and a little bit spacy. A 60-40 indica split, it’s mild enough to enjoy during the day, without providing wicked couchlock.

Info to Know: Hash is a marijuana product that is comprised of compounded flowers. Turned into a resin, this still contains THC, but often in much higher quantities.

Type: Blue Hash, Indica-dominant

THC Content: 14.7 percent total THC

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.

Nugs: Small, tight and kind of crunchy. Not dry, but breaks apart easily. Dense and crisp with a yellow tinge.

Odor: Skunky, but like a fruity spice. A hint of cheese.

Taste: Woodsy taste on inhale. Green and bright upon exhale. Tastes like the colors yellow and green (if that’s possible!)

High:  Smooth and immediate. A strong euphoric lift in the beginning.


Blue Hash

The great budtenders at We’re Just Buds recommended this strain when we were seeking a strain that would bring us relaxation. A lovely hybrid with all the right qualities, we found it to be an excellent choice for waking and baking or enjoying mid-afternoon.

A skunky, fruity, spicy and cheesy odor hit the air from the buds and as we began to grind the flowers, the scent intensified, bringing an anxious few moments where you’re waiting ever so patiently before taking the first hit. With a woodsy and bright flavor, Blue Hash gave us a deep, strong and euphoric lift as soon as it was inhaled. Once enjoyed a few more times, it turned into a deep, focused and relaxing high.

Mood elevation is key to Blue Hash’s incredible power. One sweet inhale and you’ll be enjoying its beauty for many extended moments. Blue Hash’s parents are likely Blueberry and California Hash strains, hybridized to create this incredible experience. Grown by Blue Roots Cannabis Company, this is one we’re sure to come back to.

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