Recreational Marijuana Normalized Through New Stock Photos

One of recreational marijuana’s major barriers to convincing the public that weed smokers are no longer the dopey, burnt-out caricatures as they have been labeled the past, but that many functional and successful adults use marijuana to enhance their life, treat a variety of illnesses and blow off steam after working hard.

The Drug Policy Alliance also sees recreational users this way, and through their release of more than 60 stock new stock photos, they seek to educate the public about the realities of using marijuana in daily life.

From images of a group of middle-aged friends sharing a bong over a board game and a couple smoking a pipe in bed to a woman injecting marijuana tincture and eating edibles at a BBQ, these images show the real-world (if somewhat mundane) side of enjoying weed.

Read the article here on Hail Mary Jane and view the images here.


Photo Credit: Darrin Harris Frisby/Drug Policy Alliance

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