California Preparing for Marijuana Legalization

A panel in California, led by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, is dedicated to ironing out the logistics of putting a successful bill on the ballot in November or 2016. There is a lot to consider as California examines what is working in states that have already legalized recreational marijuana such as Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Colorado, and Washington DC.

The panel wants to prevent mega-corps from taking over the entire industry by limiting the quantity and type of licenses given to each group. They also will keep the taxes low to allow small businesses to join in on the fun.

Newsom really wants to do this right by making sure that the bill will benefit the people, even if it means a low tax structure. “[…]this is about acknowledging our failure on the war on drugs and protecting our kids and public safety[…]” says Newsom

California could be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana. They only want to make sure they do it right.


Photo Credit: Quinn Dombrowski

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