Double (Day) Dream-ing


Massage your mind, relax your world. Do you like Blue Dream? This is double the fun!

A strain that kick starts your mind into gear and helps with bringing a focused happiness, Double Dream is a delightful treat. A fresh and grassy taste with a light and pleasant high, it doesn’t ask much of you. Instead, you’ll come out the other end feeling a bit lighter, freer, and dreamier.

Info to Know: Your dreams from your brain’s REM cycle help with igniting your creativity and driving creative problem solving. What’s the most interesting dream you’ve ever had?


Type: Double Dream

THC/CBD Content:  23.14 percent total THC

Nugs: Light spring green, good balance of hairs to trichomes, orange hue

Odor: Grassy & mossy, inviting alfalfa scent

Taste: Sweet & spicy, grassy and light

High: Exploratory but grounding, uplifting


Double Dream

With a mossy, grass scent that reminds us of the first breath of spring, the flavor is equally inviting. Sweet, full-bodied, light and fresh with a small hint of spice. It has a very light fruity aftertaste, reminiscent of cantaloupe.

Double Dream is the daydream creation of the acclaimed and uber-popular Blue Dream strain crossed with  Dream Star.

The high is exploratory, and removes the layers of social pressure and obligation. It uplifts you and helps your thoughts wander, but provides a grounding presence to the day.

Where will your next dream take you?

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