The Fudd: Ride The Wave

Uplifting and social, medium buzz, energetic

Are you looking for the perfect strain to smoke outdoors or enjoy on a hike? This one is a smooth daytime high that would be perfect for camping. The Fudd is another MJ’s favorite. This week’s strain was an uplifting and energetic Sativa, perfect for sharing with friends outdoors on a sunny spring day.


Info to Know:

Type: The Fudd, Sativa.

THC Content: 17.60 percent total THC

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.

Nugs: Very dense and packed, medium sized. Lots of crystals. Orange hairs.

Odor: Fragrant and faintly soapy. Light and breezy.

Taste: Mellow and smooth. Not much of a thick flavor.

High: Uplifting and social, medium buzz, energetic.

The Fudd

We decided The Fudd must stand for: F*king Good Bud. This is the perfect bud for an outdoor hike or nature adventure. Enjoy this bud with your friends, it is social and exciting.

The Fudd is a great choice for newbie stoners or those who want the benefits of pain and anxiety relief. It temporarily lifts and mellows you, leaving you excited and ready for more adventure.

One taste of The Fudd elevates your body and spirit. Even though it’s a Sativa, it delivers a medium body high with pain relieving effects. Your arms and legs will no longer weight you down. Smoking The Fudd is like riding a wave you’ll never want to get off of.

 Photo: gnarburger

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