Honoring The Potlatch Ceremonial Bud #2

Rushing intensity, cerebral head-high

A personal and small town weed from a wonderfully small town store, Potlatch Ceremonial Bud #2 is grown by Wild Bill’s Bad Ass Buds. With dreams of experiencing the ceremonial vibe, we picked this without hesitation from Miller’s Marijuana in Elma, Washington. It heightened every sense and made us feel on top of the world; I feel honored to have smoked it.

Info to Know: A potlatch is a feast of gift giving celebrated by the Pacific Coast Indians. The event is thrown to show status, establish reciprocity and celebrate successful harvests. It’s part of the economic system.


Type: Potlatch Ceremonial Bud #2, Sativa-dominant

THC Content: 27.79 percent total THC

Nugs: Large, yellow-green. Orange hairs, not very dense.

Odor: Sour and bright.

Taste: Sour and smooth. Light berry upon inhale.

High: Rushing intensity, cerebral head-high. Fully experiential. Elevated senses.

Potlatch Ceremonial Bud #2

Highly recommended by the helpful owners of Miller’s Marijuana, Potlatch Ceremonial Bud is fit for a feast. A sour tasting hit with highly cerebral effects, this weed hits smooth and comes on fast but gently. A berry flavored inhale followed by an herby sage exhale, the smoking experience was just as enjoyable as the high. We felt honored to be sharing in the beauty of this strain.

Once rolling in the buzz, Potlatch Ceremonial Bud allows you to feel and enjoy every sense with heightened pleasure. It makes you want to sing, dance, move, touch, smell, listen and learn about everything life has to offer.

The root of this strain may be a mystery, but its effects were obvious. A definite winner that left us blown away in mind, body and spirit, we’ll definitely be returning to this weed. The word potlatch means to give a gift, or gift away, and this strain truly is a gift from Wild Bill to us. Sit down, smoke a bowl and prepare to be humbled by its glory.

Photos: Toke Tank, Unsplash

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