Canada 2nd Country Worldwide to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Groundbreaking news hit this week as Canada became the second country to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis on October 17th. It was an exciting time, and Canada’s new legal shops saw massive lines and lots of shortages. Here are the stories from the week as the country enjoyed their tastes of marijuana freedom:

Canada Becomes Second Country to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

14 Photos of People Lighting Up After Canada Legalized Weed

Visiting Canada for Legal Weed? Don’t Expect Amsterdam North

Canada is Running Out of Marijuana Two Days After Drug Becomes Legal

Legal Marijuana: The World Watches as Canada’s Massive Social Experiment Begins

Canadian Province Prince Edward Island Rakes in Over $150k in First Day of Legal Cannabis Sales

Canada to Pardon Pot Possession as it Legalizes Marijuana


Congratulations to Canada, and enjoy O’Cannabis! The rest of the world applauds you.

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