A Breezy Afternoon Delight

Happiness and relaxation

Now that Washington’s weed industry has grown more established, there are countless growers, strains and awesome packages to choose from at the recreational pot shops. Anyone with any personality type can find what they’re looking for; we picked up a beautiful little bottle so Belladonna’s Afternoon Delight. The package had the vibe we were seeking and Afternoon Delight brought us happiness and relaxation. Continue reading A Breezy Afternoon Delight

Channeling the Great Willie Nelson

It’s a slow burn.

It’s only fitting that one of the greatest recognized artists in music would also become one of the most known and liked strains of marijuana. We purchased Willie Nelson, a Sativa strain, grown by Canna Herb, and joined a revolution. It’s thick, rich and spacy. You sink fully into anything you do and swirl around in your mind for hours. Continue reading Channeling the Great Willie Nelson

Stuck on Thai Stick

Uplifting and happy

When we asked the budtender at Green Star Cannabis what his favorite Sativa strain was, he let us know he was over the moon about Thai Stick. Regarded as “the best weed he’s ever smoked,” Thai Stick had quite a reputation to uphold. With frosty buds and earthy scents, this strain was a fun day smoker that brought you relaxation and happiness; much like an ocean breeze blowing on a summer’s day or staring at a crackling fire on a summer evening. Continue reading Stuck on Thai Stick

Quite The Dutch Treat

A heavy-hitting Indica

We recently visited NuGreen, an I-502 grower in Spokane and were amazed by the sea of green before our eyes! Getting to see the plants where your dank nugs grow is a spiritual, surreal and special experience. After lighting up the Dutch Treat strain, all we could do was picture the incredible plants these buds originated from. It’s a heavy hitting Indica that’s sure to enhance your world. Take a hit and fly away. Continue reading Quite The Dutch Treat

Island Sweet Skunk Livin’

Allows your mind to explore, wander and enter new heights.

Like a warm, tropical breeze blowing through our world, Island Sweet Skunk clouds of smoke billowed through the air. We were high as kites, talking laughing and enjoying hits off this sweet, skunky, sour strain. Grown by CannaHerb, this is a smooth and simple afternoon strain that is perfect for relaxing, opening your mind and just getting away from it all. Continue reading Island Sweet Skunk Livin’

The Voodoo Kush King

All hail the Voodoo king!

Voodoo Kush, a Sativa strain grown by Raven Grass is a thoughtful, almost magical line with a riveting backstory. According to Raven Grass, “In Pacific Northwest mythology, ‘Raven’  is known as a creator, provider, trickster and as a complex reflection of one’s own self. Raven can be a magical storyteller, transformer, healer and unstoppable creative force, source of endless amusement, or ravenous debaucher. But always a cultural hero. Who will raven be to you?”

Continue reading The Voodoo Kush King

Supercharged Six Shooter


Six Shooter makes you zone out, explore your mind and find your intensity.

“Dreamy euphoria with heightened senses” is what the Coastal Cannabis package of Six Shooter promised us when we ripped the plastic open on a hot, sunny, summer day. Picked up from Prosser, Washington’s pot shop, AltitudeMJ, it was sold as a daytime favorite that is sure to make the user happy and relaxed. It lived up to all of those glowing recommendations; six-fold. Continue reading Supercharged Six Shooter

Stayin’ True OG

OG = Ocean Grown

True to the OG lineage, True OG kush brings strong head-high affects with a classic indica body rush. A frequent winner of medicinal competitions, this weed is also loved by recreational users. Fitting that we’d buy originally ocean-grown weed from an Oceanside shop, the experience couldn’t have been better. The pot shop this strain was sourced from is one of our new favorites. The only shore-side weed store in Washington, Have a Heart Ocean Shores has the friendliest budtenders and a fantastic selection. Their energy couldn’t have been more on point, and after stopping for a photo with the gang, we picked out this great treat. Continue reading Stayin’ True OG

The Great Northern Haze

Good bud for the midday

Northern Haze was purchased at the Dockside Cannabis in North Seattle. I felt cerebral that day and was guided to the sativa-dominant Northern Haze by one of the charming Budtenders. I’ve been a consistent fan of Haze hybrids in the past and needed festive flowers to contribute at my friends’ Holiday gathering. In the context of a social setting, Northern Haze will spark just the right vibe. Continue reading The Great Northern Haze

Snoop Dogg Dreamin’

Spacy and Dreamy

Sourced from Ocean Greens in Seattle, Snoop Dogg Dream is a strain we’ll be coming back to again and again. We’re fans of the rap/rasta legend’s tunes and even bigger fans of his weed! Grown by Auric AG, it’s a hybrid that leans on the Indica side, making it perfect for relaxation and deep thinking. Light it up with friends, light it up alone; this weed is sure to bring you peace and comfort. Continue reading Snoop Dogg Dreamin’