Island Sweet Skunk Livin’

Allows your mind to explore, wander and enter new heights.

Like a warm, tropical breeze blowing through our world, Island Sweet Skunk clouds of smoke billowed through the air. We were high as kites, talking laughing and enjoying hits off this sweet, skunky, sour strain. Grown by CannaHerb, this is a smooth and simple afternoon strain that is perfect for relaxing, opening your mind and just getting away from it all.

TT is;and sweet skunk

Info to Know:

Type: Island Sweet Skunk, Sativa

THC Content: 19.41 percent total THC

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Nugs: Dense, tightly packed nugs, light green in color with flicks of yellow

Odor: Like a sweet breeze through the air. What you’d expect if you were smoking in the middle of a beachside rainforest

Taste: Sour on the exhale, a hint of diesel, mostly skunky. Sweet aftertaste

High: The high feels large and powerful, like your spirit it filling the room


Island Sweet Skunk

Blast off and feel larger than life with Island Sweet Skunk. Just like you can daydream for hours on a tropical beach, this strain allows your mind to explore, wander and enter new heights. Almost as if your spirit and essence have extended from your body to fill the room you’re in, your mind will feel larger and more active than ever before.

This energetic and tropical blend will not only leave you feeling like you’re sitting on a beach drinking a pina colada, but helps to reduce anxiety, tension and make you feel more relaxed overall. It is a descendent of Skunk strains, originally hailing from Canada; it’s clear from the flavor.

While getting high from this strain, we imagined ourselves being lifted off on a hot air balloon or watching the bag or a vaporizer fill up with smoke. One hit and you’ll be blasting off! As soon as the high takes over you, you are settled gently on a beach to relax infinitely. Enjoy!



Photos: Toke Tank, Unsplash

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