Channeling the Great Willie Nelson

It’s a slow burn.

It’s only fitting that one of the greatest recognized artists in music would also become one of the most known and liked strains of marijuana. We purchased Willie Nelson, a Sativa strain, grown by Canna Herb, and joined a revolution. It’s thick, rich and spacy. You sink fully into anything you do and swirl around in your mind for hours. Continue reading Channeling the Great Willie Nelson

Island Sweet Skunk Livin’

Allows your mind to explore, wander and enter new heights.

Like a warm, tropical breeze blowing through our world, Island Sweet Skunk clouds of smoke billowed through the air. We were high as kites, talking laughing and enjoying hits off this sweet, skunky, sour strain. Grown by CannaHerb, this is a smooth and simple afternoon strain that is perfect for relaxing, opening your mind and just getting away from it all. Continue reading Island Sweet Skunk Livin’