CannaMexico World Summit

The second annual CannaMexico World Summit, hosted by the former President of Mexico Vicente Fox, will be the epicenter of cannabis advancement in Latin America.

“As we look at the global opportunity that legalized and regulated cannabis and hemp markets present, it becomes obvious immediately that the Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets are enormous with approximately twice the population of the United States and Canada combined. The CannaMexico event with its expanded focus on hemp and the entirety of Latin, Central and South America is where all of the most significant opportunities will be discovered for these markets. We are honored to participate.”

-Barry Grissom and Leslie Bocskor, Electrum Partners

When: April 25th & 26th, 2019

Where: Centro Fox in Leon, Mexico

What: A space to share ideas, network, and develop the Latin America cannabis industry.

Who: Thousands of attendees, exhibitors, industry leading speakers will gather together to advance the international cannabis market. Topics include legislation, regulation, eco-growth, medicine, science, security, and industrial manufacturing.


Check out the event’s website for more information!

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