Roll 420 Joints for 4/20!

Just kidding – that would take forever. But seriously, this roll-your-own home joint machine is amazing! Roll as your heart desires.

There are a lot more of us that enjoy a nice joint than can roll a good one from scratch. The Otto is a joint rolling machine that even grinds the buds for you. Simply throw in some buds in the top, an empty cone in the bottom, snap together, press the button, and you have a perfect joint. This machine makes creating joints so easy that we might have to start smoking more of them.

Otto by Banana Bros


Product Description:

An automatic grinder and joint filler gives you the capacity for fresh joints whenever you want. The clear container holds an empty cone and the black top grinds your buds and fills the cone when snapped together. With various grinding patterns and strengths ensures finely ground cannabis fills the cone creating a smooth even joint. All you have to do is shake the bud down a bit and twist the top for perfect joints with ease!

User Guide:

Never before has rolling joints been so easy. Insert your pre-rolled cone in the clear base making sure not to crinkle it. Set the clear base to the side and open the black automatic grinder by pressing the top of the tab on the right side.


Pack some of your best buds into the top making sure not to over fill it (you can always go back and put some more in). Snap the magnets in the top of the base and bottom of the grinder together and you are ready to roll.

Simply tap the button and watch the Otto grind and fill your cone. Once you have your desired size of joint, disconnect the grinder and slide the cone out of the base with the tabs on the side.

Pull your filled cone out, shake down the buds (takes some practice to get the ideal density down), and twist the top of the joint to seal it.

Now you have a perfectly pre-rolled joint to enjoy as you please!



  • Otto Automatic Grinder Top
  • O Tube Clear Base
  • Adapter Base (for shorter joints)
  • Fresh Seal Tube
  • Cleaning Tool
  • O Funnel
  • Measuring Cup
  • Snap Cap
  • 20 Pre-Rolled Cones
  • Charging Cable
  • User Manual

Make J’s always accessible with this automatic grinder and joint rolling machine. The Otto is the coolest way to keep your joints fresh and ready for any occasion. Get one for yourself here!

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