Toke Tank’s 5th Annual Green Gold Awards: 2019

Proudly presenting the 5th annual Toke Tank Green Gold 420 Awards!

We are so excited to be continuing this award and honoring not only the fine growers and sellers of Washington’s legal marijuana under I-502, but also hailing the amazing strains we’ve smoked and reviewed in the past year.

The categories are Best Indica Strain, Best Sativa Strain and Best Balanced Hybrid Strain. Read on for the winners of the 2019 Toke Tank Green Gold Awards!

2019 Toke Tank Green Gold Award Winners


Best Indica Strain

Sunset Sherbet


Creamy, warm and inviting, with a sharp and powerful weed flavor. Lovingly curated and shockingly delicious, it’s a heavy hitter that will bring your spirits up and into the universe; like being in a soothing bubble and floating away. With a sweet candy feel and a strong feeling of euphoria, Sunset Sherbet is a strain we want to lean into all night long.

Best Sativa Strain

Happy Ending

Copy of TT.420Awards.HolyTrinity.4.17.2018

The high is powerful yet energetic and brings a slight full body sensation. Your mind relaxes and stress begins to melt away. Like a massage for your body and soul. Stretch, rejoice, do some yoga, clean your house, hug your pet, high five your friend, and enjoy the day.

Best Balanced Hybrid Strain

Double Dream


Double Dream is the daydream creation of the acclaimed and uber-popular Blue Dream strain crossed with  Dream Star. The high is exploratory, and removes the layers of social pressure and obligation. It uplifts you and helps your thoughts wander, but provides a grounding presence to the day.

We strive to smoke, test and taste it all in search of Washington’s best marijuana strains and businesses in the new recreational marijuana space.

Congratulations to this year’s Green Gold 420 Award winners! Much peace and love from Toke Tank!

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