I Scream for Eyce! [Silicone Bubbler Review]

Seeking a new smoking device? Sleek style, comfortable shape and indestructibility meet in the Eyce bubbler, which is crafted from silicone and perfect for taking on your next adventure. Just grab some green, throw the Eyce in your beach bag and enjoy the summer sun with an elevated frame of mind!


Living Bright & Bold with the Eyce Silicone Bubbler

Nothing’s worse than dropping your favorite travel piece on the ground and watching it shatter in slow motion; it’s easy to build a personal connection with your smoking equipment. Luckily, the Eyce bubbler is shatter-proof, since it’s made from silicone, which means you can throw it to the ground again and again (though it’s def not recommended), and it will remain intact, ready for your next big hit.

About the Eyce Bubbler


Product Description: Your standard, long-stemmed water pipe. Only this one is made out of silicone for virtual indestructibility!

How to Use: Fill the bottom of the bubbler with a little bit of water, making sure not to put too much and getting a mouth full of water. Pack your sticky buds into the glass insert in the top of the bubbler. Cover the carb with your finger and light it up. You can even store your next bowl or two in the built in stash jar. The best part is most of the bubbler comes apart for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Hardware: Silicone water pipe, glass insert bowl piece, built in stash jar, and a poker.

Durability: Extreme. Silicone pipes are very durable. Although we don’t recommend it, you could throw this piece at a wall and it would most likely be fine, except the glass bowl piece. This water pipe has a glass bowl insert that is very easy to pop out and clean. Just rinse the rest with some warm soapy water and you’ll have a perfectly clean piece without the usual hassle.


But is silicone safe to smoke?

Yes it is. Silicone pipes are becoming a popular choice among stoners. Silicone is a chemically inert substance that won’t leach or give off gas. Silicone molds are used in baking and cooking. Don’t light the silicone directly, just light the weed that is in the glass bowl piece, obvi.


What’s better than a new piece for summertime? Check out more about Eyce here.


Photos: Toke Tank

*Thanks to Eyce for providing a bubbler for review.

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