Why Disjointed Won’t Make You Forget Weeds

We loved the TV show Weeds, and it’s gone down in history as a must-watch for dedicated stoners. When Netflix released their original series, Disjointed, we were excited to experience the excitement of Weeds all over again, but it turns out the two shows are nothing alike. Read this guest article by Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi and The Blinc Group for a full review of the new show.
By Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi / The Blinc Group
Warning: Potential spoilers included. Read at your own risk .

Disjointed, Netflix’s new cannabis focused sitcom starring Kathy Bates as an aging hippie who owns a California medical marijuana dispensary, is the latest addition to the Pantheon of cannabis-centric movies and television shows. But where exactly does it fit? A good place to start would be seeing how it sizes up to its closest cousin, Weeds.

Is it going to be Kathy Bates versus Mary-Louise Parker, Ruth versus Nancy, or even Chuck Lorre versus Jenji Kohan? Or wait, maybe we should name it the Sativa versus Indica match?

The answer is no, absolutely not, because Disjointed and Weeds are nothing alike. Continue reading Why Disjointed Won’t Make You Forget Weeds