A Brief History of Marijuana [Book Review]

It’s always good to examine your roots.

In his book, Getting High: Marijuana Through The Ages, John Charles Chasteen takes us through the history of marijuana and examines how cannabis came to fit in with today’s society. He shows us how weed has influenced many cultures throughout time and how the history of marijuana affects the perception of the plant today.

Cannabis in America

The book starts off with the history of cannabis in America. Going through the early years of America, the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 and the Drug War. After establishing a base understanding of what is going on today, Chasteen goes into the history of marijuana through the Atlantic world, Medieval times and Asian origins of Cannabis Sativa. This easy reader is full of humor, history, and insight into the complexities of the marijuana debate.

From the book:

“Marijuana first appeared in the United States around 1900[…] Internally, this was the eve of the Progressive Era, when confidence in enlightened government action ran high. A ‘drug-free society,’ though not a turn-of-the-century term, was one of the era’s important goals.”

No matter how much you are involved in the marijuana debate nor what side you are on, Getting High: Marijuana Through The Ages will give you a new perspective on cannabis and its diverse array of uses.

Check out this book here.

Photo: Getting High: Marijuana Through The Ages cover used with permission.


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