Marijuana Stays Legal if We Follow Some Basic Rules

As we picked up weed from a recreational pot shop in Spokane, we saw a group of people waiting outside in a red car. Another customer walked in an alerted the budtender that they were under 21 and had propositioned him to buy weed for them since they were underage. He immediately reported them to the owner.

That’s exactly what he should have done. We love the passage of I-502 and in order for it to succeed, we all need to follow the rules. Keeping marijuana out of kids’ hands is important if we want to keep the drug legal and available for adults of legal age who want to relax.

The next time someone underage wants to you buy weed for them, don’t do it. It’s as expensive as providing alcohol to minors and in the case of losing Washington’s legal weed privileges, it could be much more costly. What do you think?

Photo: Toke Tank

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