Medical MJ No Longer Banned in the U.S.

“The war on medical marijuana is over” -Bill Piper, Drug Policy Alliance lobbyist.

In case you haven’t heard, Congress has quietly and rather secretively ended the federal ban on marijuana for medical purposes in all 50 states. Yep, medical pot is no longer illegal in all states of the union. But that doesn’t mean it’s legal.

The new rules of the document signed into law at the end of 2014 means in states that have legal medical MJ, no longer will DEA and other federal agents come knocking on their door to raid them and their patients of medical care. No longer will states fear the feds coming and taking what’s legal in their state.

According to The LA Times, this is the first time in a very, very long time that Congress and the U.S. Government has not only turned a blind eye against medical pot, but is actively moving toward legislation to leave it alone and allow it to become a part of or society. That’s a huge win for dispensaries, medical patients and legalization advocates everywhere.


Photo: Chuck Coker

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