California Not Chasing After Marijuana-Related DUIs

This is the first time in roughly three years that of all the bills proposed in California, none of them are targeting drivers accused of a DUI due to marijuana. Citing what many MJ advocates have already believed, the reason California won’t crack down on these drivers is because weed stays in your system for up to two weeks after smoking it. There is currently no test than can determine if a person is currently high, or just has THC in their system from before.

However, it doesn’t look like California will be legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes any time in the near future, since the governor and many major legislators seem to be against it.

We’ve seen research that marijuana doesn’t pose nearly as much of a danger as alcohol when driving and users of marijuana are more likely to stop themselves from driving than an individual under the influence of alcohol. What do you think about marijuana and DUIs?

Photo: Dank Depot

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