Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce Speaks Out Against Overregulation of Edibles

On August 11th, 2015 the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) met to discuss new rules and regulations on cannabis infused edible products. The proposed new rules would put a much tighter bind on producing, selling, and consuming edible marijuana products.

On August 12th, the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce spoke out against the new rules saying that the rules would degrade public safety, hurt business, and push edibles back into the black market.

Instead the Chamber wants standard measurement procedures and public education to be the top priority in regulating marijuana.

No matter how strict the rules are for edibles, it won’t stop irresponsible adults from giving marijuana to kids.

Tyler Henson, President of the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce warned against the new rules when he said: “The more we encourage overregulation, the more we risk pushing marijuana activity back onto the black market and into the home kitchens without oversight or any regulation whatsoever”.

Henson also gave props to the marijuana industry. “What everyone heard and saw this week from so many innovative businesses and various manufactures is that the cannabis industry is privately taking the initiative and leading the way on proper, effective solutions for the edibles market here in Colorado.”

Marijuana prohibitionists want to see laws tighten and marijuana out, so they make up false statements and statistics about marijuana to push their agenda. It is important to stay informed and check that the information you have is correct. Marijuana edibles are a corner stone in the marijuana industry and overregulation is not going to do any good at all.

Want to read more about what the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce had to say about the matter? Read more here.

Photo: Toke Tank

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