Video Strain Review: Mind Fiesta

Seeking a well-balanced, euphoric marijuana strain? Try Mind Fiesta, a hybrid! It brings happiness, bliss and relaxation. Check out our video below and read the full strain review here. Continue reading Video Strain Review: Mind Fiesta

Your Guide to Getting High on the 4th of July

If you’re trying to light up your green like fireworks on the 4th of July, you’ll love this list of the best strains for the holiday. Grab your lighter, your favorite piece, some friends and one of these great Washington-grown weed strains.

Best Strains for the 4th of July

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Making Friends with an Ogre

Friendly and relaxing, with the potential to overwhelm you

While several cannabis strains may call themselves ‘Ogre,’ this delightful bud from Dogtown Pioneers is the green giant we want to meet. An Indica-dominant strain that packs quite a punch, it is perfect for those seeking relaxation, peace and an intense body high. Continue reading Making Friends with an Ogre

Zapped by AC/DC

Waves of relaxation, low psychoactive properties

Feel every vibration of life like riffs on a guitar with the AC/DC strain, a high-CBD option that will have you feeling relaxed and calm, without getting spacy or blazed. Continue reading Zapped by AC/DC

Toke Tank’s 3rd Annual Green Gold 420 Awards

Happy Holi-BLAZE! Can you believe it’s already 4/20 again?!

The holiday of choice for pot smokers has arrived and with it comes Toke Tank’s 3rd annual Green Gold 420 Awards. We are so excited to be continuing this award and honoring not only the fine growers of Washington’s legal marijuana under I-502, but also throwing kudos to the amazing strains we’ve smoked and reviewed in the past year. Continue reading Toke Tank’s 3rd Annual Green Gold 420 Awards

Summiting Everest

Clear, light, focused

Ever wanted to summit your own personal Everest? Try smoking this weed first. The strain is flavorful, earthy and intense without being overpowering. Its effects are shorter than many strains, making it great for enjoying atop a mountain without being too blazed to get back down. Continue reading Summiting Everest

Breathtaking Barcelona Diesel


Sweet, happy and uplifting.

Hailed as the “best of both worlds” in weed, Barcelona Diesel is one of the most balanced hybrid strains around. Perfect for enjoying at any time of day, the strain will take your breath away. Continue reading Breathtaking Barcelona Diesel

Lost in a Blue Dream

Dreamy, euphoric, relaxing and centering

Consistently voted one of the best, most balanced strains around, Blue Dream is a hot commodity of legal pot shops’ shelves. One of the Toke Tank Team’s personal favorites, it is one of the best strains to relax with after a long day of work or play. Continue reading Lost in a Blue Dream

Pop Open the Champagne!

Peaceful, powerful, relaxing and inquisitive

Bringing joy, excitement and happiness, smoking the Champagne weed strain is much like enjoying your favorite glass of bubbly on New Year’s Eve. One sip has you bursting with excitement and an awareness of new possibilities. Continue reading Pop Open the Champagne!

Wandering with the White Widow


Smooth, strong and relaxing

Although it’s a balanced hybrid, White Widow leans on the Indica side of the cannabis spectrum. Regarded as both an excellent day and night smoker, you’ll be able to enjoy it at any time. Continue reading Wandering with the White Widow