Musical Escape: Sunshine Sessions by Freddy Verano

Looking for an escape into a warmer location this winter? Sunshine house is an awesome genre designed to transport you to a sunny location around the world, no matter how frightful the weather is outside. Here’s an awesome drip of sunshine in the form of Freddy Verano’s Sunshine Sessions – San Andres. Listen to it with:

Indica-dominant: Lilac City Lavender

Sativa-dominant: Acapulco Gold


Photo: Unsplash

Rastafari Rootzfest Awards Peter Tosh at 27th Annual Festival

Thanks to the eight states who have now legalized marijuana, nearly 1 in 5 Americans can now enjoy legal weed. Those who are happily smoking legalized marijuana today are lucky, but they also have many advocates for legalization throughout history to thank. Peter Tosh, the legendary reggae icon, is one of those people who helped paved the path to legal weed. Because of his contributions, he was given an award by Jamaica’s 27th Annual Rastafari Rootzfest festival. Continue reading Rastafari Rootzfest Awards Peter Tosh at 27th Annual Festival

Happy Holidaze!

From all of us at Toke Tank, we’re wishing you a super Happy Holidaze!

No matter what holiday you choose celebrate, weed is always there to make it great!


Here are some sweet music mixes for you to celebrate the season!

Renew Yourself with Hoa Radio Ep. 3 by Mokoa

Fall is here and the cooler weather is blowing in new energy, good vibes and a great opportunity for personal renewal. Sit back, breathe in and take stock of your life. This mix is perfect for introspection, as are these strains:

Indica-dominant: Cherry Blossom

Sativa-dominant: The Fudd

Fetty Wap’s New Single!

For those Fetty Wap fans out there, the Trap King has released his second single off of his upcoming sophomore album, which is due to be released this winter. The single, Different Now, was produced by Vinylz & Frank Dukes. It has that Fetty Wap feel with an interesting message. Continue reading Fetty Wap’s New Single!

Toke Tunes: BENZI Get Right Radio

Cruisin’ around the streets in the summertime has got us enjoying life to its fullest! The next time you’re headed out on a summer adventure, be sure to pump yourself up with these breezy tunes and these euphoric strains:

Indica: Cotton Candy

Sativa: Island Sweet Skunk


Photo: Unsplash

FDVM Presents: s u p e r n a t u r a l . 1 | Music

The only thing this summer is missing is timeless vibes in the form of a great music mix. We are digging this s u p e r n a t u r a l . 1 mixtape presented by FDVM. Listen to it when tokin’:

Indica: Cherry Blossom

Sativa: The Fudd

Get up and dance!


Photo: Unsplash

Kap Slap: Summer Mix 2016| Music

Summer is vibin’ and the music is groovin’. Put the top down, let the sun in and smoke up these strains while listening to Kap Slap’s Summer Mix 2016:

Indica: Dutch Treat

Sativa: AK-47

Party on!


Photo: Unsplash

Cookies & Swisher Sweets – $kinny | New Music

New music alert! Los Angeles-bred rapper/producer/singer/songwriter and visual artist, $kinny, just released a new song titled Cookies & Swisher Sweets.

“It’s pretty much the soundtrack to my life, what I do everyday and I wanted to share my world with the world.” – $kinny

Get the vibe here and be sure to smoke it with:

Indica: Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint

Sativa: Afternoon Delight

Photo: $kinny

Jungle Beats | trndmsk Future Stars #15 |Stoner Music

Haunting vibes, nature sounds and temp changes are rampant in this awesome new mix that will make you feel like you’ve entered another dimension in a far-reaching corner of the globe. Light up, close your eyes and sink into the moment. Enjoy with:

Indica: Sensi Star

Sativa: Amnesia