4/20 Bud Drop Celebration!

Like the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop on midnight, this year’s Bud Drop celebrates the 4/20 holiday!

When: On 4/20, at 4:20pm

Where: The EndUP, San Francisco, CA

What: Organized by the founders of NewYearsEve.com and BallDrop, greenRush will be dropping the bud on 420 at 4:20 – at which point confetti cannons will unleash cannabis themed confetti!

Who: Sponsored by greenRush

The annual Bud Drop celebration will continue in Las Vegas in 2018, where it will be part of the 420 Festival.


Photo: Toke Tank

The CA Green Rush – Cannabis Conversation Panel [Event Today]

The California Green Rush: How to Get Involved in the Billion Dollar Cannabis Business

A panel of industry figure-heads will discuss the emerging cannabis industry.

When: January 14th, 2017

Where: Cafe Club Fais Do-Do at 5257 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, California

What: Panelists will discuss the marijuana industry and what it means for people looking to get involved in California.

Who: Women Abuv Ground (WAG) and Men Abuv Ground (MAG) join together to put on a lively discussion on the cannabis industry. The trio of: NFL Super Bowl star, Marvin Washington, the founder of WAG, Bonita Money and a member of the Cannabis Task Force, Ariel Clark will be featured as panelists.

Get your tickets and more information here.


Photo: Event’s image, Unsplash

How Does the MJ Industry Feel About SCOTUS Nominee?

Although much of the bi-partisan politics world is against President Obama’s recent SCOTUS nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, the marijuana industry as a whole remains optimistic. From thoughts that Mr. Garland will bring a well-balanced viewpoint based on science rather on propaganda and scare tactics to his logical interpretations of the laws, check out these reactions from several key industry players:  Continue reading How Does the MJ Industry Feel About SCOTUS Nominee?

3 Tips for Investing in Cannabis

Are you thinking of jumping on board the “green rush” bandwagon? It’s estimated at $10 billion-with big names like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson, the world of legalized cannabis appears wide open and vast. We wanted to share 3 tips if you’re thinking of “kashing in” on the green revolution. Continue reading 3 Tips for Investing in Cannabis