San Francisco to Expunge Thousands of MJ Offenses

In a sweeping move, the city of San Francisco is set to remove marijuana offenses from thousands of people who have been previously convicted of them. Advocacy groups have been asserting for years that marijuana offenses are discriminatory toward the poor and minority groups, and with California’s passing of legalized recreational cannabis on Jan 1, 2018, it’s time to reverse those harmful convictions. Continue reading San Francisco to Expunge Thousands of MJ Offenses

4/20 Bud Drop Celebration!

Like the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop on midnight, this year’s Bud Drop celebrates the 4/20 holiday!

When: On 4/20, at 4:20pm

Where: The EndUP, San Francisco, CA

What: Organized by the founders of and BallDrop, greenRush will be dropping the bud on 420 at 4:20 – at which point confetti cannons will unleash cannabis themed confetti!

Who: Sponsored by greenRush

The annual Bud Drop celebration will continue in Las Vegas in 2018, where it will be part of the 420 Festival.


Photo: Toke Tank

Marijuana Investor Summit and Business Expo [Event]

Marijuana Investor Summit and Business Expo

“Where Innovation And Investment Meet.”


When: March 3-5th, 2016

Where: San Francisco Hilton Union Square

What: The Marijuana Investor Summit and Business Expo will merge innovation with investment when leaders of the marijuana industry gather to discuss the future of the industry. Agenda topics include everything from new marijuana markets to packaging to the California business models.

Who: This three day event will feature many distinguished speakers, business experts, and presenters.

Check out the event’s website for more information!


Photos: Unsplash, Marijuana Investor Summit