Colorado’s Legal Weed Generates Nearly $200 Million

2016 was a record year for cannabis in Colorado; to the tune of almost $200 million. The Colorado Department of Revenue’s announced that legal business sold $1.3 billion in regulated marijuana in 2016, generating nearly $200 million in state tax revenue.  Continue reading Colorado’s Legal Weed Generates Nearly $200 Million

Rolling with Designer High: Oct. 29th Event

Want to be the coolest stoner in the smoke circle? Check out this Colorado event to learn how to roll specialty blunts and joints.

When: October 29, 2016 @ 6 p.m.

Where: iBake, 3995 S Broadway, Englewood, Colorado 80113

What: Colorado’s first exclusive rolling class. Teaches you how to roll perfect blunts and joints. Come to learn time-tested rolling techniques and find out what the future of blunt rolling holds.

Who: Designer High and iBake – Englewood

Be the best on the block! Check out the Eventbrite page for details and tickets.


Photo: Unsplash

Oct. 26th: Colorado’s Cannabis Sustainability Symposium

Raises conversation on cannabis’ environmental challenges, cultivation practices and sustainable designs

When: October 26th, 2016

Where: The Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado

What: The one day event featuring many industry leaders will educate attendees on the latest techniques and technologies for safe cannabis production. Topics include: environmental challenges, energy efficiency, water management, waste management, integrated pest management, cultivation practices and sustainable designs.

Who: Hosted by the Organic Cannabis Association, organized by the Cannabis Sustainability Work Group and supported by Denver Environmental Health. The keynote speaker for this year’s Cannabis Sustainability Symposium is legendary farmer and author, Joel Salatin. Everyone is invited to buy tickets to this mindful event.

Check out the event’s website for more information and tickets!


Photo: Unplash

A Greener Green: Interview with Honest Marijuana’s Anthony Franciosi

Eco-conscious living is important.

Those wishing to eat local, source organic products and lower the environmental impact of their food have lots of options these days, but those wishing to source their marijuana with the same conscious mindset have a harder time finding a reliable product. Honest Marijuana in Colorado is one company paving the way for providing a greener green. We chatted with Anthony Franciosi from Honest Marijuana about how they are taking a more environmental approach to cannabis; read on to see what he had to say. Continue reading A Greener Green: Interview with Honest Marijuana’s Anthony Franciosi

Tasty Treats from Wana Brands [Interview]

Are you all up on those legal marijuana edibles? Instead of having to make your own at home, pot shops in MJ legal states are now brimming with candies, gummies, drinks and cookies of all colors, flavors, shapes and sizes. It’s like being a kid in a 21+ candy store.  Continue reading Tasty Treats from Wana Brands [Interview]