5 Ways to Celebrate the Beauty of Earth Day

Remember – Earth Day isn’t just one day. Your efforts every day make a difference to your world, your future, and your community.

With 4/20 behind us, it’s time to appreciate another special spring holiday: Earth Day. Although Earth Day is not celebrated everywhere, it should be! Even brands like The North Face are calling for the day to be a national holiday. Continue reading 5 Ways to Celebrate the Beauty of Earth Day

From the Ground Up: BioSoil Farm Spotlight

Growing the biggest and best marijuana is a delicate artwork that requires experts in each phase. Chad Currin, President of BioSoil Farm is the expert in creating all natural soil amendments needed to boost the productivity and quality of a cannabis crop. He wanted to share some of his insights and techniques on growing cannabis with you. Read on to learn more about worm farming, soil microbes, nutracycling, and the overall cannabis growing process. Continue reading From the Ground Up: BioSoil Farm Spotlight

Oct. 26th: Colorado’s Cannabis Sustainability Symposium

Raises conversation on cannabis’ environmental challenges, cultivation practices and sustainable designs

When: October 26th, 2016

Where: The Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado

What: The one day event featuring many industry leaders will educate attendees on the latest techniques and technologies for safe cannabis production. Topics include: environmental challenges, energy efficiency, water management, waste management, integrated pest management, cultivation practices and sustainable designs.

Who: Hosted by the Organic Cannabis Association, organized by the Cannabis Sustainability Work Group and supported by Denver Environmental Health. The keynote speaker for this year’s Cannabis Sustainability Symposium is legendary farmer and author, Joel Salatin. Everyone is invited to buy tickets to this mindful event.

Check out the event’s website for more information and tickets!


Photo: Unplash