Hooray for Hemp: Spreading Awareness through Cannabis Activist Clothing

“[Cannabis] has been a helpful assistant, a critical thought-provoker and the creative catalyst to my life’s work.”

Have you ever worn a hemp t-shirt? They’re soft, comfy and more environmentally friendly to create; Cannabis Activist Clothing is one company providing kickass style while also spreading a positive, pro-cannabis message. They’re running a Kickstarter campaign to launch their products and gain more widespread awareness of cannabis activism and the benefits of hemp as a superior material. Read on for Dustin Kay, Co-Founder of Cannabis Activist Clothing’s insight into how hemp can change the future.

What is your name and title?

Dustin Kay, Co-Founder of Cannabis Activist Clothing


What sets Cannabis Activist Clothing apart from its competitors?

Cannabis Activist Clothing stylishly supports and brings attention to the benefits of cannabis/hemp without gimmicks. Cannabis Activist® is hemp activism in comfort and fashion. We outfit the cannabis enthusiast with fashionable ways to support and spread awareness of the superior resources of cannabis/hemp.

How / Why did you get into the cannabis clothing industry?

The idea for Cannabis Activist Clothing came to me after realizing the prohibition of cannabis is far more harmful than the resource itself. Despite its multitudes of ecological, economical and public benefits, there is still stigma surrounding cannabis brought about by almost a century of “reefer madness” propaganda. This disadvantaging stigma can only be broken by awareness. I created Cannabis Activist Clothing to be fashionable and comfortable styles of supporting and bringing attention to the safe, sustainable solutions of cannabis/hemp.

What makes hemp a better clothing material?

Hemp fiber creates very luxurious fabrics and has been developed into high quality materials such as fleece, twill, stretch knits and even silk. Our hemp blends have a look and feel unlike any typically used clothing fiber. Hemp fiber is soft and porous which retains color exceptionally well while maintaining a good look and cushy feel for a long time. It has been said that hemp doesn’t wear out, it wears in, providing a soft touch and comfortable look outlasting many other commonly used fibers by years.

How does your company support cannabis/hemp legalization?

Cannabis Activist strives to provide cannabis/hemp supporters with an easy and effective way to support hemp and spread awareness of cannabis in fashion. Cannabis Activist Clothing is a cannabis conversation starter which stylishly helps enlighten others to the safe, sustainable solutions of cannabis/hemp. Public awareness of the truth about cannabis/hemp is the key to legalization. Cannabis Activist Clothing spreads the cannabis message in style.

What challenges do you face being located in Utah, a state where cannabis is still illegal?

Being located in Utah has been challenging, yet one of the driving forces of my cannabis clothing campaign. The Utah public’s lack of awareness to the benefits of cannabis is staggering in this area, despite being neighbors with Colorado, however, there are a plethora of passionate and knowledgeable cannabis activists in this state. Whether I wear Cannabis Activist in Utah or elsewhere, I can always expect happy smiles and head nods from kids passing by on the sidewalk, or a friendly cannabis chat with the older couple in the grocery line. Cannabis Activist Clothing seems to have universal appeal even in the most conservative states I’ve been to.

How do you ensure that your products are the best they can be?

I have been involved with many respectable and reputable hemp material suppliers for over a decade now. Our hemp fabrics are the finest in the industry. Our clothing is cut-and-sewn, tagged and dyed in the same factories major label apparel is made. I’ve also been a professional designer, screen printer and embroidery specialist in the Northern Utah area for over 15 years. I work with a phenomenal screen printing and embroidery company based in Ogden, Utah where I can personally oversee the printing, embroidery, quality and shipping of Cannabis Activist Clothing. We have a high quality policy we intend to continue.

Do you enjoy using cannabis? If so, what is your favorite strain?

I’ve very much enjoyed using cannabis over the years. Mr. Nice Guy and a strain called Huckleberry I picked up in Nor Cal years ago have been my all-time favorites. I like many kinds, but those two strains and I are rather fond of one another. I prefer kush over haze any day but I don’t discriminate!

What can we do as citizens to help support legalization?

I believe, as citizens, the key to supporting legalization is awareness. Spreading public awareness of the vast benefits of cannabis/hemp, being active in the movement and voting is the way toward liberation. When we educate others to the truth of cannabis and stand up united, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. Cannabis Activist Clothing is also a stylish and effective way to be active in educating others and supporting cannabis legalization.


How has cannabis helped define who you are?

Cannabis has been part of my life for over two decades. It has been a helpful assistant, a critical thought-provoker and the creative catalyst to my life’s work. I whole heartedly believe cannabis has played a big part in defining me as an American and the freedom we stand for. It’s been the reason I’ve met some of my favorite people and the cannabis activists who inspired me to design this clothing line. It enhances my sense of compassion for others and the planet, and is an effective medicine for many ailments without harsh side effects. I’ve witnessed first-hand the medicinal powers of cannabis remarkably alleviate a child’s chronic seizures and an old man’s rheumatoid arthritis. Cannabis deserves the credit for the passionate cannabis activist that I am and will continue to be.

What products are you about to release?

Following the success of our Kickstarter funding campaign, we will be producing a new hemp hoodie line, a beautiful hemp sundress line, along with men’s T’s, ladies T’s & V’s, tank tops, hats, long sleeves and tote bags all made with our high-quality hemp materials.

What year would you guess marijuana will be federally legalized in the United States?

I would guess that marijuana will be federally legalized in the United States in approximately 8 years, granted we eventually elect a commander-and-chief smart enough economically and ecologically to support it. I recent read an article on Toke Tank explaining polls are showing a growing majority, well above 50% of Americans are in support of ending marijuana prohibition. If we don’t get a commander-in-chief in office who can influence and accommodate that demand, these politicians obviously aren’t working for the people.

What are you working on next?

After we fulfill our backer’s rewards following the success of our Kickstarter funding campaign, we plan to design new Big & Tall hemp clothing, new hemp jeans & cargos and launch a reusable hemp shopping bag campaign to help eliminate the pollution caused by plastic grocery bags.


Is there anything else you would like to share?

When you make a pledge to the Cannabis Activist Clothing Kickstarter campaign, even if it’s just $1, you are helping create a highly fashionable hemp clothing line that will stylishly support and spread awareness of the safe, sustainable and renewable resources of cannabis/hemp. I leave it to you, the Cannabis Activists, to help us grow organically by liking, sharing and pledging to Cannabis Activist Clothing, and Be Heard Without Saying a Word.

Like Dustin, we at Toke Tank owe our passion, drive and cannabis activism to love of the plant itself. Hemp has the power to change the future. It is durable, renewable and environmentally sustainable; the plants mature to a full harvest within 120 days and don’t require harmful pesticides or dangerous fertilizers.

Check out more details about the benefits of hemp here.  To learn more about Cannabis Activist Clothing, click here.

Photos: Cannabis Activist Clothing, Toke Tank


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