Get High On Love: Spotlight

The cannabis industry is filled with fearless female entrepreneurs determined the showcase the benefits of marijuana and CBD, with exciting new products. We spoke with Angela Mustone, President of Love and Beauty Products Inc, about her line, High on Love, which is designed with love, health, and beauty in mind. It’s got high end appeal to females everywhere and created with love in mind. Continue reading Get High On Love: Spotlight

Cannabis Awakens All 5 Senses at MJBizCon 2018

The MJBizCon 2018 cannabis business conference truly had activities for everyone. Some came for investment opportunities, while others traveled to Las Vegas to find suppliers and vendors, product inspiration and more. The wide variety in exhibitors and attendees at the conference showed how diverse the cannabis plant is, and how the industry has created such big business from it. Continue reading Cannabis Awakens All 5 Senses at MJBizCon 2018

Can CBD Help Reduce THC Anxiety?

Having been a long-time cannabis consumer, and former black market marijuana user, being able to pick and choose the strain you’re consuming is a relatively new concept. Even though Washington State legalized recreational cannabis for adults in 2012, the ability to decide which strains you want has evolved over time. Personally, my desire has gone from choosing high sativa strains to choosing strains based on their terpenes, and even whether or not they contain CBD. Continue reading Can CBD Help Reduce THC Anxiety?