Can CBD Help Reduce THC Anxiety?

Having been a long-time cannabis consumer, and former black market marijuana user, being able to pick and choose the strain you’re consuming is a relatively new concept. Even though Washington State legalized recreational cannabis for adults in 2012, the ability to decide which strains you want has evolved over time. Personally, my desire has gone from choosing high sativa strains to choosing strains based on their terpenes, and even whether or not they contain CBD.

I’ve decided recently that adding some level of CBD to my cannabis use has lowered the anxiety and paranoia that often comes along with high THC cannabis strains. Although this has been discovered largely through trial and error, it turns out that the relationship between CBD and THC for battling anxiety and cannabis use is much stronger than I thought.

Recently Leafly published an article that explored this concept. They found:

Although THC and CBD are two distinctive compounds, they work together in interesting ways. For example, CBD has been found to enhance THC’s painkilling properties while diminishing the paranoia it can cause.

“CBD interacts with THC in complex ways, diminishing certain effects (the munchies, sleepiness, the high) while augmenting others,” writes Martin A. Lee in his book, Smoke Signals. “Cannabidiol balances the buzz and softens the euphoria – or, in some cases, the dysphoria – induced by THC, which, in concentrated form, can make people feel very loopy and weird. CBD is the yin of THC’s yang.”

Read the full article here, and find out how adding CBD to your high THC strains can be really beneficial.

3 thoughts on “Can CBD Help Reduce THC Anxiety?

  1. While my CBD experience is virtually nil, (I smoke to get high) I do follow most of the the releases regarding research into this. The most recent conclusion is that those who consume CBD for its’ medicinal benefits find a “small” % of THC can greatly enhance those properties. I know this is approaching the equation from the opposite direction but I think it is not unreasonable to conclude that if a little THC benefits CBD then the opposite may be true as well. Left alone pot plants tend to develop both components. Maybe we should let nature be the teacher.


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