Ganja Gift Guide: Holiday 2016

What’s on your shopping list this holiday season? The Toke Tank Team has tracked down the best cannabis-related gift items that deserve a place under your holiday tree. Read on for the best weed products and finds, for all price points and lifestyles. Continue reading Ganja Gift Guide: Holiday 2016

CBD for Health and Wellness: Spotlight on Kannaway

Hemp-derived CBD products are growing in popularity, from cannabis-derived non-psychoactive oils and nutritional supplements to pain relief and refreshing beauty routines. Kannaway is one company leading the industry with their revolutionary new products. We asked Blake Schroeder, CEO of Kannaway, about his thoughts on CBD, hemp and cannabis. From Kannaway products qualifying for world anti-doping standards, to helping him get a good night’s sleep, read on for Blake’s insight. Continue reading CBD for Health and Wellness: Spotlight on Kannaway