All Things CBD Gift Guide

We’ve been seeing CBD products popping up like wildflowers in the marketplace lately – it’s a trend that seems to grow larger every day. As the new CBD infusions begin to get more creative, we’re excited to enjoy the calming benefits of CBD in new ways. Here are some cool options this holiday season!

CBD Gift Guide

The ABC’s of CBD Book


Not sure what CBD is all about or where to begin with choosing a product? This cool book by Shira Adler breaks down the letters and helps you get acquainted with what is about to be a $2.1 billion industry. It is easy to learn the ins and outs of CBD including, what your endocannabinoid system is, what ailments CBD can help with, and types of delivery methods you can enjoy CBD with in this smooth read.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil


Finding your perfect CBD dosage and blend can be difficult. But Bluebird Botanicals has your back. Their CBD oil comes in two forms, hemp classic and hemp complete. Each blend contains a different balance of CBD packed with healing benefits. So start by using one for awhile and noting how it makes you feel, then try the other to find your right option. Even our pets can benefit with their Hemp Companion blend!

Lazarus Naturals CBD Balms


Many CBD balms promise pain relief, but simply don’t contain enough kick to truly get the job done. Lazarus Naturals not only provides a strong and consistent product, they also give back to their community by helping get CBD oil into the hands of those who need it most. Each tin contains 100-1200mg of CBD and is large enough to last a while. With three different scents and varying potencies to choose from: soothing mint, cedar citrus, and lavender, you can pick your favorite way to relax.

Sativa Valley CBD Lotion


A creamy body lotion created to help the skin with dryness that’s packed with medicinal fruit, nut, and plant extracts, Sativa Valley Essentials’ body lotion is perfect for rehydrating after a hot shower – the CBD helps calm the nerves and soothe the joints. Plus the scent is just heavenly!

Ignite Spearmint CBD Vaporizer


When you want a little chill to even out the day, Ignite has you covered with their easy to use CBD vape pen. Simply pull on the end and watch the light illuminate, as thick clouds of vapor form. The spearmint flavor is cool and refreshing, brightening the day and giving you a little shine.

Flower Power Coffee


A recipe for a fantastic start to your day is a cup of coffee and some CBD to smooth you out. This coffee streamlines this experience. Flower Power Coffee has 30mg of CBD making each cup a wonderful way to relax and tackle the tasks at hand with confidence and success.

Synergy Relief CBD & THC Infused Balm


Silky smooth shine and pain relieving bliss come from Dixie’s Synergy Relief balm. With a 50/50 blend of powerful CBD and enjoyable THC, this little lotion provides the best of both worlds. After all, THC and CBD are just better together.

Ignite CBD Drops


Go straight for the good stuff with Ignite’s CBD drops. Ignite crafted premium CBD drops with their lavender and blood orange flavors. Each bottle comes with 1000mg of hemp derived CBD and a handy dropper top for easy dosing. These tasty little drops will carry your troubles away.

For Your Furry Friend – CBD Dog Treats


Many pets have seen significant benefits from using a low dosage of CBD. These “CBDogs” biscuits have 4mg of CBD each and can be broken up to provide your pup with the perfect dosage. Your furry friend will love the taste of these treats especially compared to giving them drops. Crooked Cactus says that giving your dog these biscuits may help with discomfort, anxiety, mood and digestive issues.

For more information on CBD, click here. How will CBD work for you?


We’re not doctors – please use common sense & consult an expert with questions

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