High Tea by Evergreen Herbal [Product Review]

For those less interested in chocolate and cookies to get their high on, Evergreen Herbal’s black medicinal High Tea does just the trick. Simply a tea sachet filled with high quality tea leaves and THC, this is an easy, discreet and classy way to enjoy your marijuana.

Imagine getting your buzz on in the office by replacing your morning cup of joe with a single packet.  That time is now.


**Pro Tip: Add milk or cream after steeping to the tea. If not, the THC may stick to the edge of the teapot or cup and you won’t feel the effects as much.

**Also, feel free to re-steep this as many times as you want! We enjoyed the benefits and effects nearly all day long.

Black High Tea

Easy, simple and breezy.


Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5.

Flavor: Classic black tea, pretty strong. A slight weed aftertaste, easily masked by the addition of milk.

Potency: Mellow body high, smooth and light. Not weighed down or heavy.

THC Content: 10 mg THC per tea sachet

Enjoyed during some mid-day English-inspired High Tea, this product got us high as a kite in a way we never had before. Creating more of a loopy overall body happiness rather than an all-out stoned feeling, this is a light and easy way to medicate. Get it here.


Photos: Toke Tank

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