Toke Tank’s 2nd Annual Green Gold 420 Awards

Happy Holi-DAZE! 4/20, the holiday of choice for pot smokers has arrived and with it, the arrival of Toke Tank’s 2nd annual Green Gold 420 Awards. We are so excited to be continuing this award and honoring not only the fine growers and sellers of Washington’s legal marijuana under I-502, but also hailing the amazing strains we’ve smoked and reviewed in the past year. Continue reading Toke Tank’s 2nd Annual Green Gold 420 Awards

Finding Jesus (AKA Anubis)

Winner of the Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2016: Best Indica Strain

The Jesus (AKA Anubis) strain, sourced from Satorimj and grown by Dawg Star Cannabis, was a unique grab picked just to see what it was like: once you smoked it you fell under the beautiful buzz. An obviously indica-dominant experience, pair it with nature, smoke it by starlight or bask with it in the desert. Continue reading Finding Jesus (AKA Anubis)