#Chill #Hustle and Flow with Suicide Girls

Effects-based vaporizer strains with a flavorful kick

The wind is blowing through the bushes, the summer heat is beating down your back and you light up your Suicide Girls cannabis vape. Thick clouds of smoke billow in the air and a sense of relaxing calm washes over you – the scene is bliss. Continue reading #Chill #Hustle and Flow with Suicide Girls

Chill Out: Dollar High Club Unboxing

The Dollar High Club never ceases to impress us with their simplicity of ordering stoner paraphernalia by mail, and frankly, how cool they are (much like your stoner friend who always has the must-have new products.) Who doesn’t love receiving a shiny new package (that’s discreetly shipped) filled with supplies for creating the perfect weed smoking day? Their most recent Chill box, curated by TheChillBud.com, continued to impress. Dollar High Club sent us a box to test; here’s a look at what was in the Chill box. Continue reading Chill Out: Dollar High Club Unboxing