Chill Out: Dollar High Club Unboxing

The Dollar High Club never ceases to impress us with their simplicity of ordering stoner paraphernalia by mail, and frankly, how cool they are (much like your stoner friend who always has the must-have new products.) Who doesn’t love receiving a shiny new package (that’s discreetly shipped) filled with supplies for creating the perfect weed smoking day? Their most recent Chill box, curated by, continued to impress. Dollar High Club sent us a box to test; here’s a look at what was in the Chill box.

All the Chill You Need, Unboxed


Custom 6 Perc Water Pipe


This 6 percolater water pipe is a step up from all of the rest. The clear glass gives it that classic feel we crave in a good bong. This little thing really packs a punch as your sweet ganja travels, separates and cools on its way to your lungs. The industry standard 18mm bowl insert allows you to mix and match all of your other gadgets with this amazing water pipe. Well done, Dollar High Club.

Bee Wick Hemp


3.3 feet of the best bowl-roasting material ever. Since it is made from 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade beeswax, it burns at a lower temperature than a lighter, creating a smoother, tastier hit.

Raw Rolling Papers


A fat pack of the best rolling papers on the planet. These rolling papers are made from a special blend of unbleached fibers, making all of your joints clear, smooth and easy to roll.

Raw Tin Paper Holder

Keeps your papers safe and dry on your daily outdoor adventures.

Raw Filter Tips

The Chill Box really stocks us up with rolling equipment. These perforated tips make it easy to put a filter / holder at the tip of the joint. Just rip away the extra to fit these in any sized joint.

Bamboo Mat Roller

A small joint rolling machine. Makes rolling your joints so very easy.

Doob Tube with Pre-Rolled Cone


Carry your pre-rolled blunts or joints around safely and with style with this airtight tube. It comes with a pre-rolled king sized cone to get you started.

Raw Matches

To complete your arsenal of Raw rolling equipment. Light up with a raw match.

Mini Raw Lighter

No one likes to run out of lighters. This mini lighter will keep you going for another 3000 lights and has a built-in poker.

Dragon Bristle Pipe Cleaners


We can’t get over how much we love these pipe cleaners. Their strength is unmatched by any other pipe cleaner. Going through a couple with every round of piece cleaning, we are glad to get a new set. Pro-tip: Use some scissors to cut off the end of the pipe cleaner as it gets gummed up with resin from your pieces. This keeps the power of the dragon bristle going longer.

Now we’re ready to chill out (or Netflix and Chill) all winter with fancy new smoking gear!


Do you want all these cool things and more each month, delivered? Sign up for Dollar High Club and you too could be chilling with the best products this winter. Learn more about Dollar High Club here.


Photos: Toke Tank


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