The Blinc Group Announced Their Opening on a Super Yacht!

The Blinc Group’s Launch Party Started with a Bangin’ Party on a Super Yacht

On October 18, 2017, under the dazzling lights of the NYC skyline, The Blinc Group kicked off their official launch with a rockin’ super yacht party. Vapor and cannabis leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and influencers from all over the world joined together to celebrate and take over the night on the super yacht named the Hornblower Hybride. The party left from New York City’s Pier 15 and the event was filmed and photographed by The Blinc Group media team, which also shared the event with the world through its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The Blinc Group, a cannabis and vapor business incubator, had a lot to celebrate. The new business already has 8 member businesses that signed prior to the launch. These member businesses will have some of the leading minds in the industry on their side as they fund, launch and expand their ventures into the vapor world. The Blinc Group will continue to help new companies as they strive to improve public health through innovation and outstanding consumer experiences.

Here at Toke Tank, we have had the pleasure of enjoying some really amazing cannabis vaporizers. The way that they bring clean vapor into your life while being easy to use, discrete, wind resistant, easy to clean and more is truly ground breaking for those of us who are accustomed to packing some green into a bowl and lighting up. Vaporizing is the newest trend in the marijuana industry as they bring you to whole new heights with maximum efficiency. In fact, it’s becoming even more popular among millennials than classic smoking methods. The Blinc Group will ensure that the best vaporizing technology makes it to your table, pocket or stash sack for years to come.

Check out The Blinc Group’s website for more information and browse this collection of images below!

Photos: The Blinc Group

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