Chief Greenbud x Dollar High Club Unboxing

Everything a smoke sesh needs

We love keeping up with the latest trends in weed, music and stoner lifestyle. If you haven’t heard of Chief Greenbud, now is the time to change that! Chief Greenbud is an awesome stoner music artist, and recently partnered up with the Dollar High Club to bring fresh beats and fresh stoner gear.

What is Dollar High Club? For “a few bucks a month” (depending on the package you pick), you’ll receive a selection of accoutrements perfect for the cannabis enthusiast. Dollar High Club sent us the Chief Greenbud Box; here’s a look at what was in it.

Chief Greenbud Unboxing

Glass Pipe by Chief Greenbud

A one-of-a-kind pipe that is branded by Chief Greenbud, this piece is a staple for any stoner arsenal. It hits well and keeps you lifted. Just be sure to light with hemp wick instead of a lighter so you don’t burn yourself!

Doob Tube and Piece Jack

Store your joint in a safe location and plug the large hole in your piece with ease with the doob tube and the piece jack. Everyone needs one (or five!)

Tropical Passion Juicy Hemp Wraps

Blunt wraps made from all-natural hemp are not only good for you and the environment, you’ll also salivate over the tropical passion flavor!

Precious Patchouli Incense Cones

Sometimes setting the mood for your stoner festivities transforms the experience to a higher level. Use these patchouli scented incense cones to light up your space and set fire to your brain.

Raw Filter Joint Tips, Bags and Roach Clip

Stock up on the essentials- RAW joint tips, bags and a roach clip. Because everyone could always use more of these!

Peace Printed Clipper Lighter

You won’t confuse your lighter with a friend’s when you bring this printed peace lighter (although they may be tempted to steal it!) According to Dollar High Club, “Clippers are known for their quality and reliability, so they won’t crack and explode like cheap lighters.”

3.3 Feet of Bee Lasso Hemp Wick

Have you tried hemp wick? It burns weed at a lower temperature to provide a cleaner and better high. Use this with the Chief Greenbud piece!

Dragon Bristle Pipe Cleaners

Only a dragon would be able to banish the cruddy resin that builds up over time smoking weed. Use these dragon bristle pipe cleaners to make your pieces shine like new.

Dollar High Club and Chief Greenbud Stickers

Just for fun – stick ‘em wherever!

Sample EP by Chief Greenbud

To complete your Chief Greenbud experience, enjoy all of these items while listening to some of the most classic tunes! Highlights include: The World is Beautiful, Puff Puff Pass, It’s 4:20 Somewhere, It’s Only A Weed and iBake.

Do you want all these cool things are more each month, delivered? Sign up for Dollar High Club and you too could be chillaxing with all the best stoner gear this summer. See more about Dollar High Club here.

Photos: Toke Tank

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