Marijuana + Mangoes = A Match Made in Heaven

According to some recent insights, the perfect match for marijuana might be the delicious mango fruit. While many people love this sweet exotic fruit, it may be particularly beneficial for those looking to enhance their experience of smoking weed. And it all has to do with terpenes.

According to the article:

“A chemical compound known as myrcene terpenes…can be found within cannabis and marijuana as well as many other various plants such as lemongrass, hops and…mangoes. Once ingested, the chemical compound…assists the psychoactive substance THC by allowing it to pass through the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) at much faster speeds with much more efficiency. The time it takes for the THC to have an effect on the brain after inhalation is roughly seven seconds however, by eating a mango up to one hour prior to smoking, the time it takes for THC to reach the brain and have an effect could be cut in half.

Individuals who have eaten a mango, digested it and then smoked have also noted that the euphoric feelings felt by marijuana are much more intense. This is perfect for medical marijuana patients who would like an increased amount of pain relief or for recreational marijuana smokers who just want to get even higher than before.”

Learn more about this magical match here.

Photo: Via Flickr

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