A Hazy Halloween: 9 Best Horror Movies for Stoners

It’s Halloween, and that means it’s time to get high AF and enjoy some great scary movies. The weed will enhance your senses, making the horror genre extra spooky and satisfying. Here are nine of our favorites that we recommend you watch right now.

9 Halloween Movies You Need to Watch Right Now

  1. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

A spoof on classic horror movies, Tucker and Dale are two best friends who are fixing up their cabin in the woods. Little do they know, they’re the villains in a horror story involving a group of college kids on a camping trip gone wrong.

  1. The Cabin in The Woods

A group of friends visits a remote cabin in the woods, but soon find out there may be something larger than they are pulling the strings. A fun look into what elements make a great horror movie.

  1. Scream

The quiet town of Woodsboro is terrorized by a serial killer (or two) who target their prey by playing games commonly found in horror films.  Who will survive?

  1. Creep

How far would you go to make a buck? In Creep, one documentary filmmaker finds himself pushing his limits while on assignment filming a man in his home.

  1. The Blair Witch Project

A movie that some say is responsible for the entire found footage horror genre that came after it, The Blair Witch Project is a classic fear-inducing story about what may or may not be lurking in the woods at night.

  1. Housebound

Being stuck with your parents is never fun, but it’s especially tricky when you’re stuck in a haunted house.

  1. Trollhunter

A group of students making a film find themselves a bit in over their heads when the bears they were hunting turn out to be giant trolls.

  1. Circle

Why are a diverse group of citizens trapped within the confines of a deadly game? To find out, they must be the last one to survive.

  1. Corpse Bride

A woman killed on the night of her wedding finds herself brought back to life by a handsome stranger. She whisks him into the colorful and mysterious world of the dead.

Also be sure to check out our favorite Halloween-themed weed strains, like Jack Skellington, The Blood and Frankenstein, which are perfect for a night of haunted fun. Happy Halloween!


Photo: Unsplash

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