Smooth as a River: Magic Kitchen Pebbles

Like a smooth breeze of wind through the trees, weed candies tend to sneak up on you and ride like an undercurrent through your day. Sweet, silly and fun, Magic Kitchen Pebbles by Northwest Cannabis Solutions are an excellent, discreet and simple way to get a deep and long lasting high. Relaxing and thick, but surprisingly light and social, these Pebble candies are a must-have for any weekend afternoon.

Info To Know:

Product: Magic Kitchen “Pebbles” hard candies

Potency: 10mg per candy, serving size is one candy.

High: Rolling, swimming, cruising. Like a leaf floating down a river


There are many flavors you can try by Northwest Cannabis Solutions, all of which are fruity, sweet and flavorful. We picked up an assorted six-pack which included Black Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Raspberry and Apple. The only downside was all of the Pebbles appeared very similar in color, so it was a guessing scenario. Luckily they were all very true to their flavor so it was easy to tell which one you’d received.

A mantra in the legal weed industry is to “start low, and go slow.” We recommend doing this with all edible candies as they take longer for you to feel the effects and can give you a much deeper and more unfamiliar high than smoking flowers. While experienced stoners can handle as many as three Pebbles at a time, those new to weed should definitely start with just one.


Photos: Toke Tank, Unsplash

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