What is Green Dragon and How Do I Make It?

Green Dragon is something you may have seen on the shelves of your stoner friends’ liquor cabinets. It’s a sticky sweet liquid that is green-tinted and smells strongly of cannabis. While it creates a unique and fun night of both the drunk and high variety, few people know the time and patience that goes into creating a batch. Brewed in small batches ranging in size from 1/5th to a half gallon of alcohol, Green Dragon is something that takes at least a year of effort.


What Will I Need?

A ton of weed stems (This is where the process takes the longest, depending on how quickly you smoke.) Once you have filled a sandwich-sized Ziploc bag about half full, you are ready to go.

An airtight, glass container that will fit at least a 1/5th of alcohol. Absolut vodka bottles work well, just be sure to put some plastic wrap around the outside with a rubber band once it’s closed.

Vodka (Or Everclear, depending on how available it is in your state and how potent you want your Green Dragon to be)

Patience, at least a year


Combine the weed stems and the alcohol into an airtight, glass container and make sure it is closed and sealed completely. It helps to wrap the lid in plastic wrap and a rubber band.

Store in a dark, cool place for at least a year. It’s alright it the liquid gets warmer in the summer, this actually speeds up the process!

After 8 months to a year, shake it around and ensure that it’s a deep green color.

Strain the stems and return the liquid to the glass container.

Enjoy one shot at a time. Start with one to see how it affects you and work your way up if necessary. A shot should start to take effect in your body almost immediately.



Now that you know what Green Dragon is and how to make it yourself, go whip up a batch! And next time your friend offers you a shot of the sweet, green liquid, enjoy it. Don’t take for granted how long they spent making it.

Have you ever made Green Dragon?


Photos: miheco, Esparta Palma

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