Weed Found in Washington Drivers’ Systems, But Are They High?

If you smoked marijuana two weeks ago and THC is in your system; you’re pulled over and arrested for suspicion of DUI…are you still high?

That question is at the center of a recent debate in Washington State that brings the question of if legalized weed is the cause of more impaired drivers on the road. Since marijuana stays in your system for a while after you smoke it, it’s likely the drug will show up should you be tested by the police.

“Last year, they saw an increase in the percentage of blood samples showing THC — but they weren’t distinguishing between active THC and what’s known as “carboxy THC.” That’s the metabolized THC that hangs around your system long after you’ve sobered up.

“Carboxy certainly sticks around in the system for a long time. So it didn’t tell us what we needed to know about behaviors out there,” Baldwin says.”

Listen to the piece yourself here.

Photo: Robert Couse-Baker

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