What to Get Your Significant Stoner [Valentine’s Gift Guide]

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day will be here soon! While it’s a day of love, chocolate and flowers, it’s also a time to appreciate the significant stoners in your life. Beyond romantic love, take the opportunity to show the friends of your smoke circle that you care with these Toke Tank-approved gift picks!

Significant Stoner Gift Picks

Weed-Infused Chocolates


Nothing’s more made for Valentine’s Day than chocolates, and these come with the added benefit of getting you high! One of our favorites is Evergreen Herbal’s 4.20 Bar, which comes in a variety of flavors, including Milk Chocolate + Hempcrunch, CBD Dark Chocolate + Cannabis, Milk Chocolate Toffee + Cannabis and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt + Cannabis.

A Cannabis Vacation

Now that the legal cannabis market has grown and flourished, there are tours you can take that show you the wonderful world of weed! Check out 420 Tours’ Colorado options here and gift one to your significant stoner.

Equipment for Sharing

Many of the best vapes, pieces and bongs are meant for sharing; sesh modes mean larger bowls, longer pull times and a deeper high. Light one up with your significant stoners this holiday with these fun options:

Cloudious 9’s Hydrology:


A true innovative vape that’s a mixture between a bong, a vaporizer and a futuristic light saber, Cloudious 9 has created something fun and exciting for those who like to vaporizer their weed. Just fill it with water and enjoy cool, smoky perfection as the lights blink in a colorful light show.

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer:


We love the V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer for its ability to institute a sesh mode and share with friends. It’s a wonderful second generation of their portable V2 Pro Series 3 vape pen. With a couple of minutes to pull as you please, this vape is something you can enjoy with others. As a bonus, this vape durable, easy to use and is super versatile; it can be used with liquid, wax and ground herb with three detachable pieces – something for everyone!

A Valentine’s Day-Themed Weed Strain


You can never go wrong with gifting some green! Some great ones for Valentine’s Day are:

  • Harlequin
  • Valentine X
  • Afternoon Delight
  • Cherry Pie

What’s your favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your stoner circle?


Photos: Evergreen Herbal, Cloudious 9, V2 Vaporizers, Toke Tank

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