Dancing with the Sugar Plum Fairy

Smooth and powerful, bright and energizing

Grown by Golden Tree Productions, Sugar Plum is a powerful Sativa strain that packs a punch. Reminding us of keeping warm in the holiday season, it’s smooth, sweet, powerful and introspective, yet energizing enough to smoke throughout the day.

Info to Know: Sugar Plum fairies first appeared in Fantasia’s Nutcracker Suite. 


Type: Sugar Plum, Sativa-dominant

THC Content: 21.5 percent total THC

Rating: 3.7 out of 5.

Nugs: Long and thin with a light lime green tinge

Odor: Very sweet, much like a sugar plum pie. Kind of smells like Pez

Taste: Sweet, earthy

High: Smooth and powerful, bright and energizing


Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum is a cross between Berkeley Blues and Hawaiian Haze Plum. Its sweet nugs are fragrant, and flavorful. While sniffing the bud is like inhaling a sugar plum pie during the holidays, the bud tastes earthy and deep. It evokes memories of picking small but ripe plums off of low hanging trees in the hot summer months and biting into their succulent sweetness. The aftertaste of the weed as you blow it out slowly is even sweeter, leaving you with a feeling of fullness, happiness and warmth.

It’s the weed to wrap you up in the middle of the day and keep you warm until nightfall. The high is smooth and powerful, yet bright and energizing. It helps you elevate to a higher level without feeling out of control; it’s a sweet dance of the sugar plum fairies that will sweep you away.

Photos: Toke Tank, Unsplash

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