‘High There’ Connects Potheads Worldwide

Are you a fan of ganja but are tired of the awkward ask if someone is 420-friendly? You may not want to hang out with them if they aren’t.  ‘High There’ is about to solve your troubles. Touted as the ‘Tinder for stoners’, High There plans to connect marijuana enthusiasts who are looking for friends or looking to date.

High There’s been around for about 2 months, but was only available in Washington and Colorado, states that made weed legal. Now it’s available to anyone in the world who wants to connect with other pot-enthusiasts.

One of the only restrictions to High There is you can’t include any weed in your profile photos or talk about growing, smoking it in public or doing anything illegal with it.

We’ve been looking for a way to weed out the chill from the non-chill. High There seems like a great place to start.

Photo: High There

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